About me



I am a wedding  photographer based between Italy and England. I live in Venice, a magical part of the paradise. I have been a wedding photographer since 2006; through the years, I photographed over 500 weddings and I’ve been very lucky to have met so many wonderful couples that every day make think of how wonderful the world is. Photography is my passion and my life, which I share with my daughter: I hope in future we will work together.

     Usually our pictures are taken in very spontaneous and natural way, yet if necessary, or if you prefer, we can take staged pictures as well.  I think the technique knowledge is the best way to offer you my creativity and personal view of your wedding day. Our research aims to achieve excellence, both in the service and in the packaging of your wedding album.

     I love to work with digital equipment and film gear. There are situations where the film technique is better to capture a magical atmosphere.

I am a coffee and pizza lover;  I like to listen and play jazz and rock music and to watch movies. My world is completed by my daughter Alice, whom I love dearly; I love to spend time with her.   


How I usually work
I’ve already spoken about my style, (more details on the footer) but I’d like to share some more  information. I portray the wedding service just like a story by images. I love to define myself a wedding-storyteller because weddings for me are stories yet to tell. For a good tale is important to spend  lots of time with the spouses on their wedding day: beginning with their preparation, to the final dance after the cake cutting. Before I meet the bride, I love to go around to shoot pictures that can capture the flavor and the atmosphere of the location.  Remember that I don’t know all your guests, so if you want to take some group pictures, I would need your help.
On the Wedding day:
I usually arrive in the bride's room at the scheduled time and wander around a little bit, getting to know her and the people around her, to put everyone at ease. I prefer to work without pressure, so I make sure that the bride and guests get used to my presence, and to the camera; I do so to shoot more relaxed photos.
The Ideal situation is when there’s a wedding planner that orchestrates your wedding. She or he, will take charge of the event and will have a plan in place so things will run smoothly and vendors will work serenely.
during the ceremony and reception I’ll try to be as discreet as possible; if you won’t see me I will have achieved the desired result. I don’t need more time for couple portraits but you can decide how much time to dedicate them; more time means not only more photos but also better photos
My assistant, dedicates herself to all the details and panoramas of the location. These pictures are the perfect completion of the wedding photographer’s work. Our service will finish after the dancing and the cutting of the cake, when I’ll make sure I have taken all the pictures I need to portray your wedding at its best; at this time, I put my camera away and greet the newlyweds.

"in a good photo 20% of the worth is of the photographer's skill, the rest of the subject's contribution."