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Luxury wedding photographer Venice: how to take a portrait of the bride February 2, 2019 / Weddings Have you ever think what the Luxury wedding photographer Venice need to shoot great portraits of the bride? Often you have no more time for think the best solution for this kind of pictures. The timetable is very crowded of events and you have few time but you must take wonderful pictures, you can’t be […] OPEN POST Why did I become a wedding photographer in Venice? January 15, 2019 / My Life Style Why did I become a luxury wedding photographer in Venice? This is a nice question, a lot of friends did it to me. But before that I’d like to tell why I became a photographer. I followed in love for photography when I was a child, I saw the photos of the great authors and […] OPEN POST Venice and its times December 4, 2018 / Weddings I often spoken about my weddings in Venice and how awesome is the wedding photographer’s work in Venice Today I’d like to spoke about the time; choosing the best time is most important to get great pictures. In summer in Venice the day is very long, why that I always suggest to organise the ceremony […] OPEN POST First time I photograph a Philippine couple in Venice November 14, 2018 / Real Wedding I often spoken about my weddings in Venice and what various is the wedding photographer’s work in Venice Today I’d like to tell you another great story. In October I have photographed an awesome wedding of a Philippine couple. I was very excited to take those pictures. My step mother is Philippine too and in […] OPEN POST An awesome couple from New York to Venice November 1, 2018 / portrait I already spoken about the “other services” that a wedding photographer can do in Venice and today I’d like to tell you a very nice story. I met Dorothy and Andy at the Belmond Cipriani Hotel, they looked for a photographer for a photographic service around Venice. They are an American Couple from New York, […] OPEN POST You work better by working together… July 12, 2018 / Weddings At the end of summer of 2015 I received a request from Annie and Tom, they were looking for a Wedding photographer in Venice. Annie and Tom are two awesome persons, a wonderful couple and their wedding was wonderful too. That Wedding was planned by a Wedding Planner that I didn’t know at that time, […] OPEN POST
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