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The magic of Details – wedding inspiration

June 21, 2019 / Weddings Wedding inspiration: details from weddings In weddings everything is magic, beauty and joy! Not just for wedding in Venice but all around the world, pairs and wedding planners spent a lot of their energy to choose every detail. Brides spend a lot of time on instagram or Pinterest to find wedding inspirations. No one datail […] OPEN POST

The photo tour in Venice

April 2, 2019 / Weddings Yesterday I met a nice couple and their awesome Wedding Planner at the Gritti Palace in Venice. This meeting suggest me this post. Yes, because many many times I studied with couples the photo-tour in Venice. Obviously they have confidence in my experience and looks for suggestions. Solutions for Venetian photo-tour In Venice we have […] OPEN POST

How important is, for wedding photographer, to be up-to-date

March 13, 2019 / Weddings One of most important activity of wedding photographer is to keep himself up-to-date. Why that, in past days I seen works from most important international wedding photographers and I asked to myself may questions. After the basic ones I analysed where born the ideas. Why all photographers around the work make same things? It is […] OPEN POST

Why wedding photographer in Venice always looks for the light?

February 27, 2019 / Weddings Wedding photographer in Venice looks the light I’m sure, you seen the wedding photographer in Venice pay attention for the light. To be honest not only in Venice, I look for the best light wherever. The Venetian light What is the difference between Venice and other places? When you visit Venice you can feel something […] OPEN POST

Luxury wedding photographer Venice: how to take a portrait of the bride

February 2, 2019 / Weddings Have you ever think what the Luxury wedding photographer Venice need to shoot great portraits of the bride? Often you have no more time for think the best solution for this kind of pictures. The timetable is very crowded of events and you have few time but you must take wonderful pictures, you can’t be […] OPEN POST

Why did I become a wedding photographer in Venice?

January 15, 2019 / My Life Style Why did I become a luxury wedding photographer in Venice? This is a nice question, a lot of friends did it to me. But before that I’d like to tell why I became a photographer. I followed in love for photography when I was a child, I saw the photos of the great authors and […] OPEN POST
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