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Wedding inspirations – where do we get inspiration from?

Wedding inspirations are the trends most followed by brides. On social media it is possible to find hashtags or columns on this particular topic: images that can suggest or inspire brides in organizing their wedding and choosing the decorations. These topics are handled by wedding designers or wedding planner helped by good wedding photographers. But […]


Wedding Party, pictures of …

We miss a lot The Wedding party in this months. It is the moment where the newly and the guests let themselves go and dive into the dances. For the photographer the working day is finishing. The essential parts of the wedding have all been taken, we have just to take good pictures for closing […]

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Sonia + Dave | An Indian couple from Los Angeles

I’m always excited when I get a new request. Not only because it’s my job as a wedding photographer, but because this is the door to knowing new people. When the requests arrive from afar is even more exciting, to know new people with different traditions … a real opportunity for personal growth for me! […]