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Wedding Emotions

What are Wedding emotions? The wedding day is an explosion of emotions, you will experience all kinds of them and it will be fantastic to live them intensely! I can already imagine your awakening, the following day, with the fixed topic of the beautiful day just spent together with your loved ones. How nice it […]

Elopement Wedding in Venice

What is more romantic than An Elopement Wedding in Venice?

Every Elopement Wedding in Venice is a fair tale. I have in my eyes the joyful of couples that comes in Venice for their elopement. All of them were delighted! Can we’ ll be surprised of that? Absolutely not! Venice is the most romantic place in the world. Imagine you and your other half alone […]


Bespoke wedding photo service, what is it?

Often photographers give you a pre-packaged package and not a Bespoke wedding photo service, isn’t it? On their proposals you can find what they think that you want. Maybe you can choose from a team of photographers and they show you the pictures of that photographer… but is that real? How you can be sure […]


With no emphatic will be just pictures

It’s an idea that sounds like a slogan but for me it’s a philosophy. The engine that leads me to find enthusiasm in the work of a wedding photographer. Despite the passing of time my passion does not go out. Every morning I get up with new ideas and really want to try them. How […]

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