a night in Venice

Few times I written about the related shooting of a wedding photographer. And every time I underlined how satisfactory they are. This is one of them. I’d like to write about Kris and Tony. Tony is a wedding photographer il Los Angeles and he made her wedding proposal to Kris in Venice. Brilliant Wedding is the wedding planner that helped him to planning the surprise. I remember few problems with the weather. We changed day because the forecast wasn’t good.

Finally we find the perfect night… they arrived with gondola near to the “campo de l’abazia”. Laura and Linda (the wedding planners) decorated the location with a lot of candles and flowers.

For improve the atmosphere he taken also a violinist. At the moment they arrived in the center of the square, he knelt down in front of her, give her the ring and ask: will you marry me?

Oh, you can’t understand how strong were the emotions… for me too… and she said Yes!


The moment continued for few minutes with smiles, tears, kisses and hugs! I taken many pictures of those moments… then we gone around of Venice for a short session of portraits. They were very happy and I enjoyed with them!

If you are here, on my blog, like my work and you will get married (or think about a pre-wedding event)  wherever in the world in 2018 or 2019 it will be, don’t loose the chance to get my proposal.

Thanks for reading this post and hope to see you in future!