Have you ever thought about a Wedding proposal in Venice?

Venice is a magical city and it is the perfect place for a wedding. It’s romantic and the idillyc frame for your love. Venice it’s perfect for the work of a wedding photographer too… the photografic glimpses that Venice gives, both at night and during the day, inspire my work.

Imagine your wedding proposal in Venice. This is the most amorous city in the world. You can choose from a lot of solutions: a gondola ride, a romantic walk in the narrow alleys, or rather an intimate picnic in a garden or a special dinner and every thing else your fantasy suggests. During the day Venice is fantastic but I prefer the proposals (and the weddings too) to take place during the night. In the night Venice becomes even more romantic and unique. Every corner is a new amazing story to tell, a couple in love is in its natural scenario here. You won’t believe how much the emotions become strong in Venice. I love to see tears of joy, hugs, kisses and the “yes”. The Wedding proposal is a moment filled with intense emotions! If you add that to the magical of Venice, you won’t be able to hold back your tears.

If you are reading my blog, you like my work and you’d like to ask the hand of the woman you love somewhere special in the world in 2018, don’t loose the chance to do It here in Venice.
Thanks for reading this post and hope to meet you soon!

A big hug