Jules and Paul in Venice… what they did there?

You know, a wedding photographer in Venice meet a lot of people, during weddings in Venice, and take pictures of them.  Sometimes I do other kind of services. I knew Paul on February, he planned his wedding proposal with me and the staff of the JW Marriott Venice. He wrote to me many emails to check every detail as he wanted every thing be perfect.
I proposed him some solutions and suggestions, and he chose the best ones. The event was divided on 2 days, he made the proposal the first day, in the afternoon in the little church on the Rose’s Island.

Every time I see a wedding proposal I experience big emotions, mostly when she said yes!

In that moment is not easy for me to take pictures, I start dreaming and those are always the best pictures I shoot!

The second day we met in San Mark’s Square at 7 o’clock in the morning. At that time the light is magic and the square is almost empty. During the day Venice is very crowded and it is complicated to take pictures. In the early morning instead you can discover a lot of new points of view.

Jules and Paul have been very compliant during the photo session, it was a pleasant time with them. They are an American Couple and they will get married next year. I hope their life will be full of happiness… they they deserve it!

If you are here, on my blog, like my work and you will get married (or think about a pre-wedding event)  wherever in the world in 2018 or 2019 it will be, don’t loose the chance to get my proposal.
Thanks for reading this post and hope to see you in future!