Those who overcome the crisis overcome themselves (A. Einstein)

During this difficult days for all of us, I’m locked at home as many of you. I’m not photographing weddings in Venice or making wedding albums. After arranging all the archives and finishing those tasks that I normally leave behind because I am always overloaded with work I started thinking about what to do. Think, think and think and then I come up with an idea! Become a smart worker as many people are doing now.
On the teaching front it’s easy. I can prepare some video-lessons and put them on-line. But for the wedding? What can I do for my brides that usually I don’t?  
I started looking at my photo-archive and note how many couples bought just the photo-service without wedding album. Then, here’s what I’ll do! I’ll prepare the layout of those weddings and send them to the couple for free. They can ignore me or see their “virtual” wedding album, ask me some edits, adds or changing… and why not, also an offer!
Taking away the cost of studying the layout, that I decided to give for free, I’m sure they will be very glad for my offer.
That will give me the opportunity to study new layouts and post-productions; this will bring me to a professional grow, I’m sure! If taken in the right way, the crisis can be a great opportunity for professional grow!

I want to improve myself, I want to become one of most appreciated photographers in the world. For make that I need to work, study and I also need help from my clients: they are my best trainer. For clients I mean the couples, for sure, but also wedding planners. Their preparation, sensitivity and attention to changes has a great utility for me, if they will help me too, I will not be on a mountain path but on a highway directed towards my goals.
Here you can see some examples of wedding albums from my catalogue. I proposed them and get may satisfactions but expect some news very soon. I’m studying also new designs and packagings. 
If you are at this point, you like something in this post for sure; why don’t tell me what via email or with a private message on your favorite social network?
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