A shiny day

I always met awesome couples! I’m a very lucky wedding photographer in Venice. I met this couple thanks to Brilliant Wedding, one of my favourite wedding planner in Venice. Linda and Laura are the boss of this wedding planner and with them I’m working very well. They are very professional and planning the wedding day with meticulousness. Thanks they, I told, I met this marvellous couple. Their wedding was celebrating in Venice, at Palazzo Cavalli. The preparation and the reception at Danieli and at the San Clemente Palace. Very nice locations. I loved shoot pictures to this couple – yes I always love my spouses – they were very spontaneous and I could capture the pictures in very natural way. Also the portrait session of the newly was very easy. When the subject is available the wedding photographer had an easy life. The reception in the evening was something magical. In the garden of San Clemente, in front of the sea, wonderful decorations with white and pink flowers, good music, good food and a fantastic company of fantastic friends and parents. The evening was very gentle, not cold and not hot, just a perfect night. I love my job when I work in these situations.

If you are here, on my blog, you like my work and you will get married wherever in the world in 2018, don’t loose the chance to get my proposal.
Thanks for reading this post and see you on the next!

A big hug