Aira + Craig | a new emotional love story told by a wedding photographer Venice

a new emotional love story told by a wedding photographer Venice

You will think that for a wedding photographer, marriages are all the same. Good! I assure you that is not so! The beauty of my job and the reason why I continue to do so is that every marriage is unique and every couple gives me different emotions and unforgettable moments.

the meeting

I met Aira and Craig in April after a short report. They live in London and on their trip to Venice, to define some details of their marriage. We used to get to know us and for a brief and engagement photographic session.

There are people with whom empathy instantly starts, Aira and Craig are among them. With them I found myself at ease and this made me fall in love with them immediately and their marriage.



September 16 was the big day. Aira was preparing at Hotel Luna Baglioni in San Marco in the stunning suite of San Giorgio Terrace while Craig accompanied their guests to the Concert of the Venice Music Opera to enjoy a wonderful chamber concert together.

After the civil ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli and the special blessing at the San Salvador church, we returned to the Baglioni Hotel Laguna for the party.

Needless to say, it was all great. A luxurious party in a beautiful historic building, rich in art and culture. Every time, from the preparations to dances were thrilling, Aira and Craig were masterful in organizing a special party for their special day.

I feel very lucky, I’m the wedding photographer Venice to have met this couple and hope to be able to meet again, maybe in one of my laps in London.