Sonia + Dave | An Indian couple from Los Angeles

I’m always excited when I get a new request. Not only because it’s my job as a wedding photographer, but because this is the door to knowing new people. When the requests arrive from afar is even more exciting, to know new people with different traditions … a real opportunity for personal growth for me!

When I received the request from Dave and Sonia for their wedding in Venice it was just like this, an explosion of excitement for this new adventure that I was looking forward to.

One Sunday morning (for me) we met in conference calls and talked a bit about their wedding, refined the proposals and defined all the details.

I was looking forward to know them alive, so on the day of their wedding I arrived, together with my irreplaceable assistant, with a little advance in the Rose Island, the home of the JW Marriott where they were guests and place of the wedding celebration .

I first saw Dave, who, after greeted us, led me to Sonia. She was in the middle of the preparations, though she welcomed me with a delightful smile and warmth that one would expect from an old friend.

During the preparations stage i felt the growing of her emotions and the tension for the big step … from time to time I put myself in her space for a few photos and she, despite the intense moment, was always delightful and smiling.

The ceremony, in one of the gardens of the JW Marriott overlooking Venice, was filled with rites and meanings. Some moments coming from Indian tradition. Dave and Sonia live in Los Angeles but both are of Indian origin and have not forgotten their traditions. They made the ceremony a special moment.

A boat ride to reach Venice and take some portraits of the couple, a pleasant and relaxing moment. The day then continued with lunch at the JW Marriott and dances always in the location.

I am fortunate to meet very often couples of fantastic spouses, Sonia and Dave are one of these! Thank you!!