Wedding inspirations – where do we get inspiration from?

Wedding inspirations are the trends most followed by brides. On social media it is possible to find hashtags or columns on this particular topic: images that can suggest or inspire brides in organizing their wedding and choosing the decorations.

These topics are handled by wedding designers or wedding planner helped by good wedding photographers. But we, wedding photographers, to give you always different and interesting pictures, where do we get the inspiration from ?

Every moment of our day can be a wedding inspirations

For me, following trends like a bride is essential. I need to know what happens in the world of wedding and how fashion and languages move… it is “feeding” my creativity. Consulting wedding blogs, Pinterest or Instagram is part of my job and training. I can learn a lot from there, but I think it is’t not enough. For a good formation of my visual and communicative language I look for inspiration in the arts and cinema.

Also Arts and Cinema

In the first case, I focus on the compositional details, body and hand poses used by great Renaissance and Baroque artists.

In a Botticelli painting, for example, there are so many things to visualize and learn that not even years of photography courses can teach you. That is just an example, if we think of the immense production of works of art in these periods, we understand how much material we have available for our training. 

Cinema, on the other hand, is one of the most sophisticated arts, from a technical and language point of view. From cinema we can learn the contemporary vision that we all recognize, even at an unconscious level.

The shots, the cuts, the lights, the colors and so on… everything in the cinema – the one done well – is studied and made in an impeccable way.

Finally, let’s remember that photography is the result of our culture and our way of life. The wedding inspirations and our way of photographing we shape it day by day according to the situations we live!

The wedding photographer never rests!
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