Wedding Party, pictures of …

We miss a lot The Wedding party in this months. It is the moment where the newly and the guests let themselves go and dive into the dances. For the photographer the working day is finishing. The essential parts of the wedding have all been taken, we have just to take good pictures for closing the story. 

How to prepare myself for this pics?
The photos I take during wedding party, are different between all others of the weddingday. 

Usually they are at the dark with colored lights form the band or DJ. These pictures must enhance the atmosphere, tell people emotions and fun.

For these pictures I mount a wide lens, it allows me to be in the middle of the dance floor very close to people. This allow me to shot pictures with no risk of some one hide me my subjects. I use also a flash (the profoto A1) and I set it by manual mode. I has to light up the subject and catch the ambient colored atmosphere. I is a set-up very different form all other situations of the day. 

How I shot pictures at Wedding party

As I tell, I like to be close to people. First of all I take pictures of the newly and then I turn around the dance floor to catch other interesting situations. The wedding party is a moment that grow. More time I stay there and more good pictures I’ll take.

The technique is always the same: immortalizing people having fun in the middle of the dance floor.

Sometimes I like to play with shutter speed and moving the camera. In this case I get the subject sharp and the background in movement. 

Below I am attaching some images that will make you dive into the atmosphere of the Wedding party