Wedding photographer in Venice

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Fotografo matrimoni Venezia
Glauco Comoretto – Wedding Photographer Venice

If you have chosen the most romantic city in Italy as a backdrop for your wedding, you need all the elegance and professionalism of the Venice wedding photographer, Glauco Comoretto. Here is what the professional photographer GComoretto proposes:

  • canonical shots and many “stolen” shots pervaded by the enchanted atmosphere of Venice to remember
  • the yes day in its magic spouses subtracted from their guests max 30 minutes for wedding photographs – a photo shoot throughout the wedding day – a wedding reportage with the romantic city of Venice as a backdrop
  • maximum discretion during the ceremony and reception so every shot will be spontaneous and natural
  • all wedding photographs delivered in high and low resolution
  • from the choice of photos, 60 days to deliver the wedding photo album.

Because getting married in Venice is a romantic idea, a dream to come true with memories to carry forever in your heart… and see again in your wedding photographs whenever you wish.

Glauco Comoretto realizes your wedding photographic set in Venice, in the lagoon but also in the Venetian hinterland.

Fotografo Matrimonio a Venezia

Fotografo matrimonio provincia VeneziaLook at the gallery with the most beautiful weddings photographed in Venice.

When you choose Glauco Comoretto as your wedding photographer in Venice, you can be certain of receiving a state-of-the-art collection of memories from your most beautiful and unforgettable day.

However, Gcomoretto’s expertise extends beyond wedding services to include two additional offerings: the engagement service and the proposal service.

The engagement service captures the essence of a couple through a photographic session that combines elements of portraiture and glamour. The engagement shoot narrates the couple’s story, their journey, and their decision to take the momentous leap into marriage. To create the perfect engagement photographs, it is ideal to find a captivating yet intimate location in Venice. Drawing from extensive experience as a photographer in Venice, GComoretto excels in discovering secluded and enchanting settings that will beautifully complement your love story.

On the other hand, the proposal service takes advantage of a simple yet profoundly romantic gesture: a marriage proposal in Venice. Bring your loved one to the capital of the lagoon, disguising the trip as a delightful getaway. With Glauco Comoretto discreetly present, every precious moment of this unforgettable occasion will be captured without interruption. The photography session continues with heartfelt couple portraits, where the future spouses can still relish the excitement and emotions stirred by the life-changing moment they have just experienced.

If you desire more information regarding the two services mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Glauco. Contact details can be found in the information form provided on the side.

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