Wedding Photographer Italy

Glauco Comoretto

Discover the Art of Italian Romance with a Masterful Wedding Photographer Italy – Venice Awaits


  • Are you on the quest for an extraordinary wedding photographer in Italy, within the heart of the country’s most romantically renowned city, Venice?Look no further, as Glauco Comoretto offers an unparalleled photography experience that captures the essence of your love story against the breathtaking backdrop of Venice:
      • Unforgettable Moments Captured

        From classic poses to candid, “stolen” shots filled with the enchanted ambiance of Venetian surroundings. Your wedding day’s magic will be forever remembered.

      • Exclusive Couple Portraits

        Stealing you away for less than 30 minutes from the celebration, ensuring those intimate moments are captured without keeping you from your guests for too long.

      • All-Day Wedding Reportage

        A comprehensive photo session that spans your entire day, turning Venice’s romantic vistas into a stunning backdrop for your love story.

      • Discreet and Spontaneous Photography

        Utmost discretion during your ceremony and reception to ensure every photograph captures the genuine joy and natural spontaneity of your special day.

      • Transformative Imagery

        As a premier wedding photographer in Italy, every photo is meticulously crafted into a masterpiece, with you and your love at the center of it all.

Your Wedding, Your Memories, Preserved in Perfection


      • Freedom and Flexibility

        Receive all your wedding photographs in both high and low resolution. Granting you the liberty to relive and share your moments without restraint.

      • Complete Rights for Use and Prints

        Once your favorite photos are selected, expect the delivery of your bespoke photo album within 60 days, ready to be cherished.

      • Customizable Albums

        Engage in the creative process of designing your wedding album, with a preliminary layout sent for your review and collaboration. Ensuring your vision comes to life.

      • Eternalizing Dreams

        Venice not only offers a dreamy setting but with Glauco Comoretto, your wedding becomes an enduring memory, captured in timeless photographs to be treasured forever.

Embark on a Journey with Your Wedding Photographer Italy

Let’s begin the conversation about envisioning your Venice wedding photography. Reach out via email, phone, contact form or Instagram to start planning with your dedicated wedding photographer in Italy. Fill out the form below for a prompt callback to discuss your dream wedding photos. Looking forward to capturing your love story in Venice!

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