An English couple in Venice

Oh yes I know, I’m paraphrasing a title of the most famous song of the songwriter Sting. What does a wedding photographer have to do with a songwriter? Nothing I think, I’m a Sting fan and sometimes his words goes through my mind… In this case Kerry and Dean, with their “aura” and their British look, have revived from my memory the original song, in which he describes himself as different from the New Yorkers. This English couple chose Venice for their wedding, and me to take their photographs. English people are different from Italians… here is the reference to the song

In Venice, I often work with foreign couples but today I’d like to tell about them because their wedding had something peculiar. After the ceremony, we went to a bar for a toast. Everything was informal and very friendly. The spouses and guests walked from Palazzo Cavalli to Villa Contarini della Porta de Fero. During the stroll I had the possibility to shot lots of natural pictures, while they enjoyed Venice’s alleys.. Venice is very nice on foot if you choose the less crowded ways. At the Villa they savored the reception. Just few couple’s portraits and some pictures of the guests and I was gone. Sometimes I stay just a few hours, like the couple desires, but I’m always sorry to leave… every wedding is unique and every wedding gives me lots of good vibrations.