Bespoke wedding photo service, what is it?

Often photographers give you a pre-packaged package and not a Bespoke wedding photo service, isn’t it?

On their proposals you can find what they think that you want. Maybe you can choose from a team of photographers and they show you the pictures of that photographer… but is that real? How you can be sure that the pictures are really shotted by that photographer?
In packages you will find how many hours of coverage the service has, how much printed pictures you’ll have and which kind of book…

You can choose from a few packages but nobody listens to your likes. 

How the bespoke wedding photo service for you?

This is my first question. And not only me, all wedding photographers like me. I’m not a studio with a lot of photographers. I’m a wedding photographer that follow you and your Bespoke wedding photo service, between first contact to the delivery (and more). Everything of you is important. 

A wedding photo service is a story of a day (or few days) of you. The most important day of your life. Each of us, when telling a story, does it in his own way. It’s a very personal way of telling. You have to be sure that the photographer can tell your in the right way. 

There are those who tell it as if he were a journalist, by making a real report of the day. There are those who prefer to tell it as a writer of novels, who adds something of his own.  Then there is the poet, who tells the story in verse.

the right Wedding photographer

I worked hard to build my style, which was precise and recognizable. Worked on my reliability throughout the workflow, including the printouts that I check one by one. In addition, research pushes me to constantly work with my album suppliers, Italian artisans, to find the perfect design for each of you.

I can assure you that this system pays very little, in a pecuniary sense. Instead, in a professional sense, it pays a lot; working only for the most demanding couples, who are not persuaded by aggressive commercial actions but only by the quality of the service, gives great satisfaction. Furthermore, these couples will have evaluated the photo shoot very carefully and know what to expect, so I have the almost total certainty of satisfying them.

 For the couple there is the same difference as between buying a standard piece of furniture at the Ikea store or a custom-made piece of furniture from a craftsman.

How can I help you for your Bespoke wedding photo service?

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