From Vilnius to Venice for magic of love

To get married in Venice is a magic. For Kristina and Audrius its also the carrying on of a dream and the achievement of a target. As a Wedding Photographer I often shoot weddings in Venice and I learn to recognise that magic. A shooting here is something of unique, non just luxury and beauty ma a lot of love. When Kristina and Audrius met, they came in Venice for an holiday. In that vacation they promised themselves this day, they promised themselves to get back in Venice for get married. Finally the great day i arrived! They planed everything whit Linda and Lauda, the awesome wedding planners of “Brilliant Wedding Venice”. Now they can enjoy their emotions. I decided to arrive veri early. I started with Audrius. He was almost ready, for the personal portraits shooting, when I arrived. Few seconds for introduce ourselves and we start work. It’s very easy to find the empathy. Me and my assistant move to the Kristina’s room. Lisa Semenzato was the make-up artist and like every time, she made a great job. Kristina is most beautiful, blond hair, sky eyes and a very clear skin. She’s very young, like Audrius; she wear a white dressing gown. The boudoir session is not to long and I feel her emotions. She’s very silent and kind. She tell me: I chose you because I like the gentle “tone” of your pictures. She can’t told me nothing I appreciate better that! Now arrive the most emotional moment: she has to wear the wedding dress. I continue to shoot pictures with the same care. Few portraits with the wedding dress and the celebration is arrived. Few people at the ceremony in San Moise’s Church. This Church is awesome and very close to San Marco. A short Ceremony but very followed. We go out in the hot Venetian July. Venice don’t miss its charm. The historical building, the short ways, small squares, channels and brides are the background for the shooting. The take a romantic tour in gondola. We finish the shooting inside of Gabrielli hotel. A beautiful day, rich of emotions!