Luxury wedding photographer Venice: how to take a portrait of the bride

Have you ever think what the Luxury wedding photographer Venice need to shoot great portraits of the bride? Often you have no more time for think the best solution for this kind of pictures. The timetable is very crowded of events and you have few time but you must take wonderful pictures, you can’t be trivial or foregone. The bride worth a lot for you and you have to give her your best skills. When I arrive at the location I look around to find the best place for the portraits, then I find inspirations, often I find them in the wedding-dress or in some other things around the room. When you are a luxury wedding photographer venice you learned to notice every little thing. Usually the bride have a wonderful dress (often more than one), shoes, jewellers and flowers. All of that can help you to find inspiration, every thing is a great source for the creativity. The light inside the room is most important, for take nice pictures we need nice light. Usually the best one is the natural light of the windows. I prefer to switch off the light and use just the window. Also the furnishing, decorations and tends help me during the portrait session. Well, now I have the situation under control but it isn’t enough. I have to take pictures at a bride, a person with her emotions. In that moment is very very important to understand her and talk to her for get spontaneous expressions. A great composition and a great light are nothing without a nice expression. I think my best skill is that, I can understand people in short time and I have the opportunity to make them relaxed. Here you can see few pictures of wonderful brides.

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