Tiziana and Giulio – a dream wedding in Venice

Tiziana met Giulio at the university. Their love story started like a fairy tale and at the end of April 2018 they married. An awesome couple for an awesome Wedding in Venice. 

I was lucky enough to be chosen as their photographer for what would be remembered as their most beautiful day. When Tiziana wrote me the first email I immediately understood she was a great woman. Then we met in Venice to discuss the details of their wedding day, there I met Giulio too and realised he was the perfect man for a great woman like Tiziana. 

During the wedding day the bride and the groom have been very accommodating and gentle with me. I have been able to work without stress or rush. Once you find a couple like that you can express yourself at your best.

The ceremony, in the magical frame of the St. Mark’s Basilica, was a very intimate moment. Despite almost 200 guests, Tiziana and Giulio have been able to express their love and their empathy with big emotions. 

All details were perfect also at the reception, at the Monaco Gran Canal Hotel. Light design, flowers, mise en place… everything lovely. 

I’m very glad to share with you some pictures of that day. I wasn’t alone that day, Edgard De Bono and Ilaria Tassini took pictures too. Two professional photographers that sometimes team with me! 

If you are here, on my blog, like my work and you will get married (or think about a pre-wedding event)  wherever in the world in 2018 or 2019 it will be, don’t loose the chance to get my proposal.
Thanks for reading this post and hope to see you in future!

Bride and Groom: Tiziana and Giulio

Ceremony: San Mark’s Basilica

Reception: Monaco Gran Canal Hotel

Mua & Hair Style: Stefania Bon
Music & Light Design: DJS For Party – Giacomo Fabris
Wedding Planner: Chiara Giribuola – Nozze & Nozze

Videographer: Fabrizio Zanier

Photographers: Glauco Comoretto, Edgard De Bono, Ilaria Tassini