Wedding Album or digital service?

Wedding Album or digital service? That is the question… Very often the foreign couples choose a digital service for their wedding photos. And in these cases what they get for delivery?
I think the most common solution is a USB stick or a link, by e-mail, from a cloud service. Nice solutions and very very smart! But what about the experience? I thought that couples deserve the experience of a very nice packaging and some printed pictures.

Is it a Wedding Album?

Not exactly! It is an elegant and and shabby chic wooden box.
Inside you will find a selection of 20 fine art printed images and a USB stick with photos of your wedding day. Think how precious it will be for you.

Imagine the emotions of taking the prints in your hand. Also if you’ll make your wedding album, this box will be in your hands very shortly.
The wedding album is an incredible experience and this small box can give you something similar.

This is why I thought of “giving it away” to all married couples, whether they make the album or choose the digital service. A new experience that you will surely appreciate! For your wedding in Venice, Wedding in Paris, Wedding in London, in New York or wherever in the world, this package will arrive in your hands. I’m sure it will be one of most appreciate memory of your best day, with or without the wedding album.

If I have been your wedding photographer and you would like to receive this beautiful box, write to me! I can sell it to you in a short time. It will also be available for extra wedding shootings, in these cases (old customers and non-wedding customers) it will have a very low price and very short delivery times.

Here few pictures of the wedding box

Wedding Album
Wedding Album