Wedding and pre-wedding


In past, here in Italy, there was a weird habit of wedding photographers: they bring the spouses in beautiful locations, for the shootings, few days after the wedding. This for to be quiet and get better pictures. The couple, with their wedding dresses were at his disposal for how much time he needed. Today this habit is almost disappeared but exists a new kind of service: the pre-wedding. Don’t get confused by the name, it is not necessary to realise it before wedding, you can choose to make it whenever you want.

The pre-wedding is a very interesting shooting. You can have at your disposal your favourite photographer without rush, without any other thought, as long as you (or him) prefer. For example, you can decide to have the portraits in Venice but you don’t need to get married in Venice, you can come here just for the pictures. This service can offer you many opportunities: you can choose your preferred location, you can go in more cities: Venice, London, Paris… and you can add these pictures in your wedding album. Imagine how wonderful can be this experience.

When a wedding photographer have no rush, he can get awesome pictures and you can make things that during the real wedding you can’t. You can change your dress, your make-up, to take your time for every thing and many other things.

Here you can see an example, this is the shooting of Zahanna & Thorsten in their pre – wedding in Venice

If you are here, on my blog, you like my work and you will get married (or think about a pre-wedding service)  wherever in the world in 2018, don’t loose the chance to get my proposal.
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