Why wedding photographer in Venice always looks for the light?

Wedding photographer in Venice looks the light

I’m sure, you seen the wedding photographer in Venice pay attention for the light. To be honest not only in Venice, I look for the best light wherever.

The Venetian light

What is the difference between Venice and other places? When you visit Venice you can feel something magic; this because Venice is romantic and full of Historical building but also for its particular light. In Venice there are very small ways between buildings and the light creates a great vibration in them. In these ways rarely the sun hit the subject directly, often it light up the walls and reflect on the subject. This rebound give a very soft illumination and the magical atmosfere you know.

In the squares

Obviously that wonder manifests just in the small ways. In the large squares the light don’t rebound in the same way and we have to choose the correct moment of the day to take pictures, or use lights and panels to tame it. I already spoke about the correct moment in that post: Venice and the time

Anyway, in Venice the light is magic everywhere; also in large squares we can find great situations, that is not explicable, is just magic.

How to exploit it

First times a wedding photographer in Venice work with this light find some complications. It is necessary a bit of experience to exploit it. I studied and tried out a lot to find my photographic language in Venice. Sometimes you have to work otherwise. Before start shooting is important to analyse the situation and think how to exploit it. At the and the effect will be great and you will find the Venetian magic in your pictures.

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