With no emphatic will be just pictures

It’s an idea that sounds like a slogan but for me it’s a philosophy. The engine that leads me to find enthusiasm in the work of a wedding photographer. Despite the passing of time my passion does not go out. Every morning I get up with new ideas and really want to try them.

How to do that in this moment with no weddings? I find a way, I’m taking note of any new ideas so I can use them when we get back to work. 

During I write this article I have a brand new idea! I can use this blog to save my ideas and share them with you. Once a week we can talk about inspirations and new cues.

But what I meant when I wrote the title of the article? “With no emphatic will be jut pictures”. I am referring to photography in this post. Few day ago I was looking for a picture to upload on Instagram (by the way, you can find my profile at this address: https://www.instagram.com/glauco_comoretto/). I’m starting to browse my archive and in the folder “Michela and Thomas”.  I’m looking for a photo that strikes me!  “Here it is! Today I want to post this one!!”

Why this one?  what’s strange about it?If you look from a technical point of view, the subjects are framed by 2 people and flowers. The light is very soft but a little more intense on the subjects, this helps the eye to stop on them.

But the strength of this image is not the technique; the strength is on their emotions you can see on their expressions. He enjoys listening to the speeches of their friends, Michela looks for Thomas expressions in front of these words that they like very much!

This is how a photo is born, you have to be careful of everything that is happening and wait for the moment when everything is perfect … click!

I know it sounds very easy, and it is, or rather … it has become over the years with a lot of practice and experience… but this is another topic and it can be boring. If I find an interesting way, I’ll talk about it another time.